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Leah Cohen

21 years of age living on the Sunshine Coast, I love meeting new people and creating new experiences.
Always up for an adventure and a challenge.

I love to surf and to just be in the Ocean, I'm a very easy going person and on a job happily do whatever is asked of me.

I love what I do, becoming a professional photographer was always a dream job of mine, I made my dream job come true and can never wipe the smile off my face when taking photos.


Annual Arts Extravaganza Most Outstanding Photographer 2014

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We are so lucky here in Noosa. You are able to have a wedding so close to the beach, we have some of the best beaches and surf side locations in the world and many attractive parks also popular for ceremonies.

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Leah Cohen Photo may use the photographs for advertising or promotional work on media platforms. This is optional and the couple must inform in writing if they do not wish to have their images used in any advertising or promoting.

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Surf Photography is definitely becoming a very popular hobby and i can see why. Surf photography is how my passion for taking photos kicked off, I was always a keen surfer but as soon as i picked up a camera and jumped out in the water i never looked back, all photos seen here are available to buy they are framed 12x14 in a  white matte frame with the photo window size 8x12


Even though i mostly take photos, now and then i like to set my camera on film, i really enjoy making short clips of surfing, especially when i'm travelling i will tend to film a lot to hopefully bring back some cool footage to chuck together for a film


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When theres no waves around there's always the beautiful calm Ocean, as much as i miss the surf when it disappears for long periods of time due to no swell there's always the hunt for clear water and warm sunsets over the ocean.



If i could pack up and leave to travel the rest of my life i would. I absolutely love adventures, travelling is one of the best things i have ever done, looking at all my surroundings and just the need to take photos of everything i see. I loved that feeling.




As a all round photographer not just specialising in one aspect of photography i own a portable studio, if it's coming to you or setting it up somewhere totally random, we can cover it ! 


I've done a lot of events and nightlife around the Sunshine Coast area, i've shot events such as the Big Pineapple Festival, Noosa Food & wine plus many more.  


Noosa is a perfect location for beachy photos shoots, and clothing shoots based around the surf industry, or if you're just looking to build up your portfolio